Politics As Usual Following Tragedy.. A Sad Day In The U.S.A.

October 4, 2017


Preface: I have a cousin (who is more like a niece) who was shot in the Las Vegas massacre; and just found out an acquaintance who was injured trying to protect another person who had been shot.  Very luckily both should make a full recovery, although it will be a long road for my cousin and doctors were forced to leave several bullet fragments in her body.  So, please understand, I am pissed off and taking some things VERY personally.


I try to keep my more politically toned comments to Frank's Weekly Rant, HOWEVER, while this may have the word politics in it, the main theme will be the disgusting way some begin to politicize tragedy in a completely improper way and/or at a completely improper time and the just plain disgusting things supposedly intelligent people say and think.


You know the old adages, "Timing is everything" and "Strike while the iron is still hot."  The first is definitely true, especially in comedy, but sometimes, especially in politics the timing of comments are SO improper and show the true intent and inside of a person its sickening.


Example 1: Hilary Clinton- It's about time we did something about the NRA.  Said WHILE the mass shooting event was still unfolding in Las Vegas.  Really Hilly?  But, what can you expect from a woman who was a leader in the Young Republicans in both high school and collage, was a "Goldwater Girl" and only became a Democrat AFTER she realized she could 'rise to power' faster there.  It had nothing to do with her personal politics, but her personal power.  And, as is typical with folks like this, the more spotlight she can get, the better she feels.  Face it Hilly, you are NO LONGER RELEVANT!! So sit down, shut up and let the people who actually care about the country and not our own personal power handle this. 


Example 2: Another brilliant moron and educator of our children tweeted (who has since not only deleted the post but the coward deleted her entire Twitter account) said she hoped only "Trumptards" died.  Listen here you self-important, pompous, sycophant toady, the only people you are impressing are the folks from whom EVERYONE in the US is tired of hearing.  You enjoy the sound of your own voice so much its no wonder you are a professor, it's the only way you can actually get people to have to listen to your delusional diatribe!!


Example 3: Yet another show of how Democrats are the party of love, peace and acceptance, a senior CBS official and obvious leftist Tweeted that she has no pity for the victims in Las Vegas because 'most people who listen to country music are Trump supporting gun-toters.'  This one is beyond need of additional recognition.  You are just a bitter, sick person who I truly pity.  I am sorry your life is so sad that you can actually feel like this toward other human beings and their families' losses.


Really? That is your "loving" response to victims and families?  Politics and usual and complete insensitivity? HEY!!  Dumb-asses!!  Mothers and fathers have lost children, children have lost mothers and fathers, brothers have lost sisters and sisters have lost brothers.  Kind, good-hearted people have been murdered!!


It truly saddens and sickens me that the party of "love and acceptance" is the one saying and doing the MOST hateful things; applauding the murder of innocents.  Reminds me of a fringe religious group who does the same.. you know radical Muslim terrorists.. the same folks who brought us 9/11, murdering thousands, bringing down the towers, tried to destroy the Pentagon and were taken out by true Americans who gave their lives to save others?  The folks who find the greatest satisfaction in and applaud the murder of innocents?  You sound and are acting EXACTLY the same.  Let that sink in for a second.  The good ol' folks on the "alt-left" at their truest.


I take these moronic, HATE responses very personally since I have a family member who was shot during this act of pure evil.


Some would say country music fans are the MOST giving and 'real' people in the country.  They stand for the national anthem, they fight our wars (Tokyo Rose said the Japanese would have won the war in the Pacific if it weren't for the Texans and Okies), they help a neighbor in need with no expectation of the kindness being repaid... but maybe that's WHY these people hate us so much, because we are so 'cliche'.  You know, patriotic Americans who are proud of their heritage and country.  You will never find a more diverse group of people from every walk of life, every color, nationality and religion.  All gathering as one in a shared experience.. being AMERICANS and enjoying the music that reminds us of where we come from.


Now, back to Hilly and the second adage, 'Strike while the iron is hot'.  The second is true if, say, responding to a personal insult or you see a business that you know is going to be a huge success so you want to invest.  It is NOT true when making a political statement WHILE an active shooter event were dozens are already dead, more may still die and hundreds are injured WHILE it is still unfolding; ESPECIALLY when NOT A SINGLE FACT IS KNOWN yet.


The NRA had nothing to do with this sick and twisted act of evil, no matter how you want to spin it.  Politics as usual has no place in this and it is, frankly, insensitive to try to politicize it especially when an entire area is still on lock-down and the situation is still fluid.  For God's sake, give people a chance to collect themselves, let families grieve, let physical and mental wounds begin to heal before you start with your political nonsense!!  


All that being said, I feel I MUST state the following:


I am neither left nor right, I am what would be considered and Constitutional Republican.. meaning, Constitutional: I believe in the rule of law and the rights guaranteed us in the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights; Republican: I believe in a representative form of government where the WILL OF THE PEOPLE from the representative's district are WHOLLY and SOLELY represented in Congress.  Notice the word Republican has NOTHING to do with the current definition of the party so you can stop your name-calling or saying I'm a Trump supporter or alt-right or whatever pissy crap you want to throw my way because YOU ARE WRONG.


I say this so you can understand I am not picking on the left and 'alt-left'.  When the right does or says something stupid, I'm right on them as well.. speaking of, would someone on the President's staff PLEASE take his phone away or block his Twitter access!!!  He's worse than my teenage daughter!  Not every thought that crosses your mind needs to be shared with the world.  I don't care that you're at a coffee house having a non-fat, half-caf, iced, grande, moca-choca-loca with caramel and some vanilla sprinkle.  You wonder why the VLOG is called my weekly rant (a two-minute segment usually ends up being five or six because of a ranting bunny trail or two)..


Listen, being a Constitutional Republican I have the uncanny ability to think for myself and not care what any one party might think, or try to tell me I should think.  I refuse to call myself an independent because I believe a person should claim and be proud of who and what they are and their beliefs.  I have gay, lesbian and bi friends and family; they are proud.. good for them and I love them, I have 'right thinking', far right thinking and Libertarian friends and family, some are a little cooky, and I love them too, I have liberal friends and even a couple WAY liberal friends and family.. love them too; I have Black friends, White friends, Asian friends, Indian.. and 'Indian' friends, Mexican friends, friends from nearly EVERY religious and non-religious background on the planet.. and I love them all too.  The only people with whom I refuse to be friends are the ones who can not love each other, or at least respect AND ACCEPT the fact that not everyone in the world has to agree with them.  The second someone starts hating, applauding hate and/or violence against another or spewing generalized crap about a group of people its over!!


Back to what I was saying before the bunny trail..  These people and their agendas are the framework of hate and intolerance in the world.  I was shocked that the only mention of these incidents were in passing and downplayed so much as to make them seem like filler before moving on to the Mayor of San Juan screaming that Trump was letting people die because he wasn't sending aid.. while she was standing in front of 20 TONS of aid that had been delivered for distribution a week earlier. Or the press intentionally misstating facts about the President's visit to Puerto Rico (and I know they were misstated and misrepresented because I watched what they were "reporting" on the evening news live earlier in the day).  The pure intent of that was malicious and intended to spread just enough truth to not be an outright lie while misrepresenting what actually happened to enrage the public.  I would not have believed that they could have twisted the things I saw live into what they reported had I not seen it with my own eyes (CBS Evening News reporter- David Begnaud).  But with some slick editing and only playing a quarter second snippet of soundbite taken completely out of context they managed to do it.


Tragedy is NOT a time to play political games.  I am so sickened by what I have seen and heard over the past few days it has truly broken my heart.  We, as a country are better than this.  We are supposed to be a beacon of light in a dark world.  An example of freedom, love and justice; instead we are a laughing-stock.  This is NOT the country of our forefathers.  The press has played a major roll in that.  Ethics and unbiased reporting are a thing of the past.. but I have hope. 


Hope in the good and decent people represented by those who protected and covered people they had never met from the gunfire of a madman, then drove victims to a hospital; hope in a woman who stayed with a man she had never met, holding his hand even after he died until someone came to retrieve his lifeless body, refusing to leave his side; hope in people who used their personal boats and aircraft to deliver supplies to Puerto Rico and bring the wounded and indigent back to the states.  Hope in the teen boy who stopped to offer assistance instead of driving by when my daughter-in-law and granddaughter were broke down at the side of the road.  My hope is that those people stay exactly like they are now, and do not tolerate the bad behavior my  and the generation before mine has allowed to continue in our complacency.  Hope that they will set the standard in integrity, decency and actual acceptance.







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