The Hermes Insurance Group Mission Statement

(taken straight from the wall at our office)

Mission Statement


The Hermes Insurance Group LLC™ is dedicated to the protection and financial well-being of hard working Americans while providing best-in-class customer service with utmost integrity.  Our daily goal shall be to treat every customer as if they were our most cherished family member so that they may feel secure in the fact that their property and/or business is protected.


The Hermes Insurance Group LLC™ is also dedicated to its team by providing not only a safe, but fun and satisfying work environment.  Recognizing that the overall satisfaction of team members directly results in the success of a business it will forever be our mission to recognize this above all else.


The Hermes Insurance Group LLC™ will conduct itself with utmost devotion to their customers that is driven by customer satisfaction via two simple tests:


The Integrity Test:

Would you do it if people (your customer) were watching?


The ‘Ethical Litmus Test’:

  1. Is it honest (true)? Have we provided a full accounting to our customer, both pro and con?


   2. Is it legal? Does the proposed solution fulfill all legal standings?


   3. How does it make you feel? If your gut says ‘no’, listen to it!


By using the two tests above, we will provide a service to our customers where they know their needs and best interests come before our profit.

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