The Hermes Insurance Group LLC is a family owned; fully licensed and insured Independent Insurance Agency serving all 77 counties in Oklahoma.


What does it mean that we’re an Independent Insurance Agency?

It means, simply, that we are not tied down to any particular insurance company and have no dedicated allegiance to them.  We contract with multiple companies and are licensed to do business with them all, giving you a broader scope of possibilities.


How does that benefit me or my business?

When a typical insurance agency provides a quote it is through the one company with whom they do business and you are limited to that one choice.  An Independent Agency, like The Hermes Insurance Group LLC™ quotes you and/or your business through multiple insurance companies at the same time, allowing us to ‘shop around’ on your behalf, finding the best possible coverage(s) at the best possible rate.


How else might an Independent Insurance Agency benefit me?

In the simplest way, time!!  It takes time to call around to several different insurance companies to get quotes; and your time is valuable!!  Our job is to take over that task and represent you, leaving you free to spend your valuable time in more rewarding pursuits.


Using a number of companies, specializing in various types of insurance and insurance needs, we at The Hermes Insurance Group LLC™ pride ourselves in being able to find insurance coverage for any person, any home, any business, any car; for any circumstance.  Whether you are trying to find a policy for your studio apartment or your multi-level office complex we can find the right coverage to protect you, your property and your personal and business interests.  From your watercraft or ATV to your motor home we can find the auto policy that’s right for you.  DWI?  Accidents?  Tickets?  We can even find policies for ‘high-risk’ drivers at competitive rates.


What else sets The Hermes Insurance Group LLC apart?

Dedication!!  We are dedicated to you, your business and your needs whatever they may be.  We are dedicated to finding the right coverage(s) for you and/or your business.  We don’t, and won’t assume your needs are the same as someone else’s, so no ‘cookie cutter’ insurance policies.  Each policy is tailored to your individual needs; and our dedication doesn’t stop there.  As your agent we strive to continue serving you year after year with best in class customer service.  Our goal is to treat you as if you or your business were our only customer.


Making a Difference in the Community

The Hermes Insurance Group LLC™ strives to not only provide a positive service for our clients, but the community as well.  From assisting in the aftermath of natural disasters to supporting youth music and athletics, we believe in being good stewards and giving back to the communities where we live, work and play.

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